b-sm@rk back to China

ITB's China Travel Innovation
A few months ago we went to China to attend Traveldaily conference then announced we would have participated to ITB's China Travel Innovation Award in Shanghai. And there we are, back from that appointment with a host of ideas. Another relevant step in our journey. BTW, kudos to our Irish colleagues GolfVoyager who won the award :)
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b-sm@rk goes to China

Better conversion opportunities through an Emotional Connection with customers.  b-smark goes to China to present its innovative solutions for online travel and establish strategic collaborations.   “Embracing the new era” is the title of 2016 most exciting travel tech event in China: Traveldaily conference. On 31st August and 1st September the top online travel companies of Asia will meet in Shanghai, exchanging views on the hot topics that impact the travel space. More than 1,200 top ex...
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