Founded in 2010 in Dublin, B-sm@rk Ltd develops the business idea of using emotions to connect users, customers, brands. As the new marketing claims, it offers an evolution of the simple click, turning it into the one we call smart mark.

Our team is a model of entrepreneurial diaspora: we combined the Italian brand culture with the vibrant Irish digital ecosystem.

The name is linked to the concept of “Be smiley @ work”. We believe in creating a cheerful work environment that promotes personal satisfaction, human relations, ideas. Because emotions matter.

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MySmark is a digital service of insight-driven marketing: it allows a brand owner to understand his customers and build targeted marketing and sales campaigns to tailor the brand proposition.

It helps to listen, engage, measure, publish, advertise and create value along the customer journey, allowing the marketer to gauge his emotional engagement.

Mysmark can amplify the voice of the brand, fostering communities and leadingsales with targeted deals and offers.





The first seed of B-sm@rk

has been a small novel

handwritten in 2009…

Read it now!

(available only in italian)


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