We are looking for expertise profiles to join our team @Guinness Enterprise Centre, Dublin, Ireland


Cognitive / semantic systems integration profile:


Webdev profile:

  • HTML(5), CSS, DOM, Javascript, PHP, (My)SQL
  • OOP
  • Agile/Scrum
  • Math, e.g. 2D geometry, 1st level statistics
  • Multi-user programming environment using SCS (subversion, git)
  • Good code commenting/documentation
  • Good knowledge of *nix systems


Social skills

  • Open-minded, creative
  • Good team worker, yet able to self-direct
  • Able to focus on tasks, committed to meet deadlines
  • Good English knowledge

Welcome plus

  • Being heavy social networks user
  • Being confident with and user of OSS (GNU/Linux etc)
  • Skills on system maintenance, configuration
  • Other languages besides English
  • (webdev profile) iOS, Android environments/dev kits