MySmark speaking @Amadeus Loyalty Conference

Nicola Farronato, co-founder & CEO of b-sm@rk ltd. has been listed among the speakers of the prestigious annual Amadeus CustomerLoyalty Conference which will take place in a resort of Guadeloupe on September 28th – 30th 2015 and will see on stage top Amadeus marketing executives, key airline customers and new partners.

This is a great news for us, as we are launching our customer experience platform for the travel & hospitality sector at the end of this month.
MySmark is an online service for customer experience management providing easy-to-use tools for customer feedback profiling, monitoring and analysis. It allows to capture emotional and rational data with simple interactions and can exploit personality to segment and predict customer behaviour.
At the travel tech company’s event, MySmark will present a new customer feedback paradigm covering all the stages of the customer journey: from dream, search & book and throughout the whole travel experience, closing the full loyalty loop. Thanks to the unique combination of interactive touchpoints we can provide it will be interesting to see how an airline can collect customer feedback with a new approach, rich of interaction, engagement and gamification.

The main address of the conference will be “Shaping the future of airline loyalty together“and MySmark’s contribution is expected to bring a relevant vibe of innovation with regards to the role of customer feedback for airline loyalty.
The key distinctive factors of MySmark will be highlighted to some of the top global airlines which will attend the conference. Particular remarks will be given to our rich psycho-socio-demographic segmentation capability, and will bring evidence of our latest R&D findings in terms of how personality can help understanding and engaging a customer. We will intruduce and demo how our interactive touchpoints can be activated across different travelling spots and capture simple and meaningful insights about the customer experience and satisfaction, which can be turned into actionable insights for loyalty programmes, thanks to the combination and modeling of emotional-rational data.

Last but not least we will propose and demo some new ideas about how an airline can use MySmark to capture customer feedback connecting personality of places with loyalty programmes.