Innovating with Cross-Marketing: low budget and creativity at the service of the business

– N. Farronato


01. Infographic

You can make innovation using traditional tools. You can make innovation better knowing the tools at your disposal, combining them in a creative way. There are some marketing techniques that we spontaneously use calling them partnerships, cooperations, alliance or co-marketing. And there is a way to make these techniques grow improving them.
Why? Because nowadays it is convenient to appraise those low cost activities that ensure great results. Common effort, team working, to overcome battles easily, strengthen your own market, cornering new fields, finding new prospects, selling. Because it is what really matters at the end of the story.

What exactly is Cross-Marketing? First of all it’s an advanced marketing method. It requires a supportive vision of the business: what can I do for my partner? What can I offer? And it needs creativity and knowledge about the strategic developing of a project.
An example would be an hospitality services company that meets a swimming suits retailer. Here’s the leit motiv: holidays and clothing for swimming.
The first company can offer its currency: the stays. The other one its locations (shops) and references (products). The goal? For the hotel chain would be making known their summer package delivering a benefit to the retail client who’s buying a women’s product, turning the benefit into an incentive to book a room. For the partner retail would be convenient in terms of encouraging slow or launching references that require focus. This way it becomes a multi-goal action: selling swimming suits and holidays, building a database through registration and IT support, expanding in the territory, segmentation to better shoot at one’s targets, an exchange over the communication channels in order to promote and increase brand awareness.

This requires a customised marketing campaign, with a pertinent corporate image, a vision to match the two companies’ missions, an effective headline, a flexible layout.
Measuring the activity becomes then an essential step, from visitors tracking to the most effective monitoring systems. Therefore a Cross-marketing campaign is a marketing plan enhanced by the strength of cohesion, the creativity of two or more teams, the willing of creating a mosaic made of people and companies’ collaboration.

stefania amodeo

We got some Cross-Marketing tips from Stefania Amodeo (picture from one of her conferences at IULM in Milan) who has been managing for 7 years the brand marketing activity of the international hotel chain Falkensteiner – FMTG, focusing on the italian market both in outgoing and incoming, while providing strategic advisory to the 34 european 4-5 stars structures treating services such as wellness, family, city, golf, and the top class Premium service.
In her long term manager career Stefania runned more than 300 Cross-marketing campaigns with big national and international companies operating in different fields such as cinema, fashion, food, transports, cosmetics and entertainment.