The future of marketing: big marketing debate highlights

In June 2013, b-sm@rk team had the opportunity to share with marketing professionals just how insightful the data we can provide can be, by allowing them to test it on themselves.
At a debate hosted by the Irish Marketing Society, MySmark technology monitored the sentiment of an audience of 50+ Irish marketing executives as the future of their industry was discussed.

The measurement of the emotional response to some key questions undoubtedly provide an insight that more standard reporting simply cannot offer.


IMS infographic2


As you can see from the infographic:

  • Sadness was the primary emotional response among marketing professionals to the role data has in their industry.
  • The impact of value-driven behaviours was seen to generate considerable anger in the profession.
  • The impact of current environmental factors on creativity was seen as overwhelmingly negative.

, at the same time:

  • The results show an increasing positive and trustful attitude for the topics regarding the future of marketing and technology in Ireland.

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