Highlights Canaletto experience

Highlights Infographic

In November 2013, on the occasion of the exclusive exhibition in Venice of one of Canaletto’s masterpieces, Entrata nel Canal Grande dalla Basilica della Salute, Art has been combined with technology thanks to MySmark.

Partner of the prestigious project “Canaletto. Gero Qua”, MySmark led the visitors to a never-before seen interactive experience, inviting them to leave an emotional comment through a smart device.

The experience showed a very interesting angle of art combined with technology (MySmark):

  • Augmented visitors experience and their interaction with the organizers and promoters of the event.
  • Instant access to broadcast comments and recommendations through social channels, leveraging marketing and sales.
  • Measure of cultural ROI through visitors insights.
  • Attraction of further media interest and PR opportunities.

Have a look at our work on www.canalettovenezia.it/emozioni