Marketing 3.0. We have entered the Age of Relationships

– O. di Montigny

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For a long time the business offer focused on the attempt to be perceived by consumers as the most worthwhile, practical, simple, reliable, comfortable and effective on the market.
The offer of almost all competitors levelled, giving the perception of being similar or even the same as the others.

But today the movement is flowing from the Efficiency to the Relation factor, and needs a revolution of the connection between supply and demand as it has always been thought.

So what characteristics should our offer need, to be really new? And how should we put it on the market?
Assuming that the characteristics above should remain as necessary, the consumer should be recognized for who he is and not for what he represents.
As an individual and not just a member of the mass, he would enjoy a personalized treatment, cut out on his own and exclusive features.
Ask not to be pushed and guided but to be addressed and oriented.
And finally, he would make an experience (sensory , emotional and intellectual) of what we have to offer.
In short, he would not only consume, but enjoy, developing a sense of belonging for us and for our offer, for the values ​​representing our brand rather than the brand itself.

We may summarize what a business needs to be different in four mega-paradigms:

1 . Trust & Sharing

Building a relationship between customers and the company based on the values ​​of loyalty and sharing, creating a real emotional interconnection.
Since ethic is a too high concept to be materialized, it should be replaced by a high sense of responsibility: companies will not be measured only on brand equity, but on their credibility.
The concept of consumer satisfaction might turn into consumer centricity and evolving in customer advocacy: what is best for the client.

2 . Quick & Deep

Being different from the others depends on the ability to offer simplicity, immediacy and added value to your customers, eliminating all unnecessary services: in other words, meeting their needs in a pragmatic way.

3 . Crucial & Sustainable

Giving a priority to is really important ( eg environment , energy conservation, welfare, health ) without sacrificing sensory gratification and final consumption . Consumers will also be willing to pay more in exchange for a service that is perceived by them as truly oriented to sustainability and respectful of the values ​​in which he identifies himself.

4 . Unique & Universal

Developing tailor made products and services for each, being able to transmit at the same time both uniqueness and a global vision.

We have lived for centuries in the Age of 1.0 . We spent a few decades in the age 2.0. And now we are entering the Age of 3.0: only who’s going to realize that customers have a soul will last.


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dimontignyOscar di Montigny was born in Milano (Italy) in 1969. He has worked for an important Italian banking group (Banca Mediolanum) since 2000, where he currently holds the position of Director of Marketing and Communication and CEO of Mediolanum Corporate University. With entrepreneurial experience in the fields of Marine, Renewable Energies and Digital Signage, he also mentors young start-ups. Already speaker at conferences and seminars, sometimes he holds lectio magistralis in some of the major Italian universities.