Selling is a matter of numbers

– S. Zanolli

Article 01

“Selling is a matter of numbers.”

One day Mario Silvano said so to an inexperienced fabric seller.
That seller was me.
Much water flowed beneath the bridge since then, but the warning remained.
The road gave me evidence of this small great truth that many people know and very few apply. At first it may seem trivial, but it’s simple instead, elegantly simple.

It is based on the mechanism of “redemption“, alias the relationship between potential customers and received response, such as a fixed appointment.
Want to sell?
You’ll need ten offers.
You’ll need one hundred interviews.
You’ll need a thousand phone calls.
You’ll need ten thousand contacts to scan accurately.

The relation between these levels may vary of course, and the same happens to the time required to do these actions.
People abandoning their job often give up for the same reason: because they don’t get enough reply, enough numbers.
Of course, could be a matter of an insufficient business idea: maybe the productservice doesn’t solve problems nor make life easier for customers. Or it’s addressing to the wrong target. Or, ultimately, one could not have the minimum skills to be a seller.
But if once, just once, it went well, then there is hope.
And hope becomes turnover when it’s multiplied by the attempts, since they are the litmus test to see if one is about to spend his life as an actor or a spectator of the Great Game of Sale.

In “redemption” it’s all about one’s capabilities and the marketing response to his product/service.
But the attempts are instead, fortunately, not related to technical skills or strategies: it’s about being resilient.
Resilience is the ability to resist, hold out and rebuild positively despite adversity, rejections, critics and life dramas. Once called courage, patience, tenacity, resilience is a mix of everything and beyond.

Behind all the failed attempts are hidden credits of the sale that finally will take place. That successful sale is due to all the unsuccessful ones.
It’s not trivial, it’s just simple.
Making things simple is not difficult, if you understand the reason: a good seller focuses on a valid one.
And if his reason is strong enough, resilience will come by itself together with a turnover.

Because selling is a matter of numbers.

circleSebastiano Zanolli was born in 1964 in Bassano del Grappa (Italy). Manager of a big clothing brand, he developed a personal approach to the professional world which is a mixture of pragmatism and feeling. He is the author of: “The big difference” (2003), “An intelligent solution” (2005), “Fear apart” (2006), “Me, Limited liability company” (2008), “You should go back to drive the truck Elvis “(2011), in which he gives advice to those who seek a higher quality of work, relationships and life.