MySmark for Canaletto, the technology of emotions


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On the occasion of the exclusive exhibition in Venice of one of the most popular paintings by Canaletto , “The entrance to Grand Canal from Basilica della Salute”, Art is combined with technology thanks to MySmark, that gives the visitor the opportunity of a never-before-seen interactive exploration.

Developed in Dublin by Italian brains and partner of the prestigious project “Canaletto. Gero Qua”, MySmark will give visitors the opportunity to leave an emotional portrait interacting with the masterpiece by iPad and smartphone. By dragging a button on an on-line image of the painting, you can comment with a “tag”: a simple click on MySmark’s “Rose of Emotions” leads to an interactive palette shaped as a flower, whose petals are an alphabet of emotions which instantly express your feelings.

The button is able to capture the precise details of the painting, projecting it 270 years after on Venice through a satellite view of the “city of emotions” par excellence.
Visitors will be offered the tools to leave a subjective and individual mark directly where the painting is exhibited, under the charming gallery of San Gregorio’s Abbey, where it is particularly fascinating the idea that the artist created it.
This exclusive interaction is the icing on the cake of an event that, as the organizers ensure, will be internationality unique and definitely full of strong emotions.MySmark’s Rose of Emotions is already available for visitors on