MySmark introduces “the Canaletto experience”


On the occasion of the exclusive exhibition of one of the most popular Canaletto’s paintings, “The entrance to the Grand Canal from the Basilica della Salute“, MySmark combines technology with art to give the visitor an interactive exploration.

MySmark returns to Venice after a long journey around the world, combining the desire to enrich an exhibition visit, with a chance to leave an instant emotional comment on a masterpiece dated 1740-45.

Visitors will be offered the unique opportunity to leave a subjective and individual mark, directly where the painting is exhibited, under the charming gallery of San Gregorio’s Abbey, where it is particularly fascinating the idea that the artist created it.

Attending the exhibition will give the public the opportunity to interact with the artistic context and give back an emotional experience, showing it virtually both on the opera and on today’s Venice map.



For further information about the exhibition, check the Official Website