MySmark announced as “Global Hot 100” by the 2012 World Summit on Innovation and Entrepreneurship

We are excited to announce that MySmark has been chosen as a Global Hot 100 innovation by The World Summit on Innovation and Entrepreneurship (THEWSIE), and is invited to participate to its upcoming meeting in Boston, Massachusetts – America’s leading innovation city, on September 26-28, 2012.

“We are proud to announce the inclusion of MySmark team as one of the World Summit’s Global Hot Enterprises transforming the future of marketing, contributing to the advancement of the consumer experience in the global markets.” said Sam Hamdan, CEO of Tranzishen, and the Chairman and Chief Architect of The World Summit.

THEWSIE has selected MySmark team among 100 companies from around the world, to form profitable alliances by providing a stage of inspiring scenes and transformational experiences to encourage action toward the development of what’s yet to come in lifestyle, health, energy, cities, technology, education, and communication.

It is a huge honor for us to have been selected among 100 global emerging companies, and it is even greater to announce that MySmark will be integrated by THEWSIE in some of the communication activities of the World Summit and its media partners.